This is a Lamborghini Huracan F1 car

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Jon Olsson has made a mad mash up. Unfortunately, it’s only for jokes. Or is it?

Keen readers may be aware that Jon Olsson – the famous skier and Gumball veteran ­– is currently in the midst of making a special one-off Lamborghini Huracan.

Having recently 3D scanned his car in order to fabricate bespoke and perfect-fitting carbon panels, he then took to Instagram to ‘reveal’ plans of the car’s design direction. Which, as you can see, is pretty darn outrageous.
With outboard suspension, slicks, huge front and rear carbon splitters, an exposed V10 engine as well as twin roof scopes, it’s the love child of a Lamborghini and an F1 car
And we rather love it. Unfortunately, the 2.7-metre wide car will only exist in the digital world, as it’s a rendering by digital artist YasidDesign.
The two parties collaborated for a bit of online trolling. Even so, considering Jon’s previous work was that DTM-inspired, 1000bhp loony Audi RS6, we wouldn’t put this kind of thing past him.
Is he double bluffing? We’ll just have to wait and see


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