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I recently found screenshots of the bios of Clarkson, Hammond and May on Amazon X-Ray when they first began The Grand Tour. They can still be found on IMDB, as it's owned by Amazon, but I can't find them on the Amazon Prime Video website anymore. Although that doesn't matter too much because I have the screenshots in my download folder. Here they are:

They seemed to miss out a few very important parts of his career. Most importantly, the fact that he used to let himself be seen on telly with an afro the size of a small goat. And that he once presented a not so successful late night talk show. And I don't know where jetpacks come into this but i agree entirely nonetheless.
I currently live in Solihull and they're right. We do pretend we're not near Birmingham! They failed to mention the fact that he got fired from his local radio and that he used to have hair down to his shoulders. I think that's quite important.
They pretty much hit the nail on the head with James.


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