Simple, Natural and Effective Ways To Remove Skin Tags

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If you’ve ever had a pesky skin tag then you know how annoying they can be. This video is a must see if you suffer from these little tissues that hang off your skin. In the video, a man details the most effective way to get rid of one. You will be surprised of just how easy this method is.
most-simple-natural-and-effective-way-to-remove-skin-tags1YouTube/Doug Willen
Skin tags, also known as acrochordon, are small flaps of skin that can for where friction is caused. However, you should be glad to know they are harmless and sometimes fall off on their own.
However, if they really annoy you, Dr. Doug Willen–of the YouTube channel, The Health Fixer, details the most effective way to get rid of them.

His method is easy and only requires one ingredient, apple cider vinegar. The doctor suggests you apply some to a cotton ball or paper towel a few times a day until it changes color. Soon it will turn black and fall off.

Though there are other treatments for removing skin tags like removal kits that are available in stores, apple cider vinegar is probably the most convenient option, and it’s the cheapest option.
Skin tags are a small benign tumor that appears in the skin, primarily where the skin forms creases such as the armpit, neck or groin.
Skin tags could alert you to a more serious health concern as it’s believed that they could be a marker for those at risk of developing diabetes mellitus type 2. It’s believed elevated blood sugar and insulin make the tags more prevalent.