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Pornstars are people, too!

At just 21-years-old, this Indian/Caucasian porn star is rocking the adult world. With almost a hundred flicks and scenes under her belt since 2013. She’s even had the intense pleasure of working with stud James Deen. You might have seen her on TMZ a couple of years ago, seeking to destroy playboy Dan Bilzerian after he threw her off a roof and broke her foot. We are relieved she’s recovered and has been contorting her perfect body for our laptops. Check her out and about!
janice griffith porn star in fancy bra selfie


What’s sexier than a girl who loves to eat? Of course she sheds the calories with hours of hot sex. Imagine sitting at a diner counter in Los Angeles next to this body. Eating would be the last thing on your mind. Unless you want to eat h


Janice is a fan of healthy seaweed snacks and stocks up on them at an Asian grocer. Her huge, thick glasses can’t hide her beautiful and delicate features. Grocery shopping with her must be so fun. Wonder what else she likes to put in her mouth…

All Up in There

Ms. Griffith enjoys the outdoors. Sliding into her athleisure wear, she goes on a hike and shows off her physical skills by chilling between some trees. She looks so comfortable. And that blue hair makes her pop amongst the grey forest.

In the Kitchen

There’s nothing like a girl wearing just a thong and white t-shirt. Walking around her house comfortable. Cooking dinner, are we? What’s for dessert, hm? That hip tattoo, doe.

No Makeup

“I’m always on an airplane / I have cum in my hair” she writes on Instagram. Big eyes, big lips, big tits. Now that’s first class luxury!