Alex Ross Reveals New Batman, Joker, & Harley Quinn Art

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No one puts Joker and Harley Quinn into the corner—well, except for Batman.
The waltz between Gotham City’s Clown Couple of Crime comes to a screeching halt in a brand-new piece from acclaimed comics painter Alex Ross. The painting, which will make its debut during next week’s San Diego Comic Con, features Batman being a total buzz-kill to Harley and Joker’s good times. According to Ross, the new paining is a sequel to one of his older works, “Tango With Evil.” In that dynamic piece, the Joker and Harley dance (hopefully with a devil in the pale moon light).

But as Ross’ new piece—aptly titled “Mind if I Cut In”— shows, the good times can’t last forever. Check out both pieces in the gallery below, and to see the new painting in-person, head to Ross’ San Diego Comic-Con booth, #2419.
So what do you think of Ross’ latest piece? Is it another classic for the artist? Let us know in the comments!
San Diego Comic Con International will run from July 9-12 at the San Diego Convention Center.


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