Facebook Has A 'Secret Second Newsfeed' - But Only Some Of You Have Access

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Facebook seems to be constantly changing. Honestly, I can't keep up. Remember when cover photos came in and everyone kicked off? Or when we could only 'like' things and not react 'angery' or 'love'. Can't imagine that life now.
Something it's currently testing is a new version of the News Feed. So you'll have a standard one and also an 'Explore' tab. It's filled with posts from pages which are closely related to ones you already like. The idea behind it is to expand your Facebook circle and introduce you to different content you may not have seen before.

It also lets you know how many of your friends have already watched the videos on there... handy.

Credit: Facebook
According to Mashable, this tab feels a lot more like Twitter than anything else. Weird.
The feature is being tested on a few people. We're not sure what the requirement is but if you notice it, you have been chosen. Congratulations.
The second News Feed has been spotted on both iOS and Android devices, so it looks like Facebook is seriously considering rolling it out to everyone.
How About That Secret Second Inbox?
I stumbled upon this 'secret' inbox a while back and I had a good hour of laughs reading through what people have sent me. As a writer for TheLADbible, you can imagine the kind of shit I get sent. I won't go into it. All I know is that I will not be checking that inbox again for a long time.
Okay, I'm lying. I check it all the time. But it's really, really funny.
Anyway, it's called the 'filtered inbox' and you've probably never come across it before. You've most likely got a whole load of messages from your missus' ex-fella, that girl you went to college with who's now selling healthy juice drinks and the occasional link to a porn site. Hey, it's the Internet after all.

Here's how you access it.
On your phone
  1. Go on your Messenger app
  2. Tap on 'People'
  3. Tap on 'Message Requests'
  4. Finally, scroll down until you see 'Filtered Requests'
Ta daaaa.
On desktop
  1. Click on 'Messages'
  2. Then 'View all in Messenger'
  3. Click the settings wheel in the top left corner
  4. Then select 'message requests'
  5. Click on 'See filtered requests'
  6. Bask in the horrifying realisation that you've been ignoring people for months
I have no idea why some messages go into 'Message Requests' and others go into 'Filtered'. Maybe Facebook knows how dodgy some messages are.
Now go and enjoy your creepy folder.
Also, if there's any particularly funny messages, send them to us at writers@theladbible.com - you never know, we might write about you.