Brazzers Just Released A Blooper Video And It Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

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That’s right…Brazzers recently released a blooper video and it is the funniest thing we’ve seen in a while. I mean, we all already know that porn is pretty funny to begin with. Considering these people are not actually actresses and actors, the acting part can be pretty amusing, even when they are trying to be serious. Well, it seems like porn stars find humor in those parts as well…
…and when you watch porn you just can’t seem to skip out on possibly the best parts which is when the porn stars create some sort of story line to the whole thing. It’s like a train wreck at times…you want to look away but you just can’t. These actors clearly don’t put much effort into these scenes, but sometimes even the little bit of effort they put into them turn into fails.
It seems like those who film for Brazzers have a pretty good time while shooting their scenes. I mean, don’t take our word for it, we are just judging this by the hilarious blooper reel they came out with. It seems like they are all having fun, goofing off and just having a good time.
You will likely shamelessly recognize some of the faces in this video. It’s pretty funny to see them fall over, lose their cool, and get hit by objects as they try to film these serious porn scenes. We bet you can’t make it through this video without cringing or cracking up because it is that hilarious.

It’s not even that these actors are that bad…I mean, don’t get us wrong, they aren’t great in any way…but they aren’t the the worst either. That being said, they are definitely struggling to hold their composure. It’s pretty funny to watch as they do their best to not crack up but just can’t handle it. It’s just funny to think that for those who watch porn and sit through these corny plot lines, the actors and actresses are struggling to get through them as well.
After you check out the video, keep reading to see the top rated porn stars for Brazzers over the years. Our first one is Aletta Ocean. She is a Hungarian porno actress. She has won many awards including the 2010 AVN Awards for Female Foreign Performer of the Year and also Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production.
Karina White got 2nd place in the porn star ratings at Brazzers. She is a tall and gorgeous girl with stunning green eyes. It’s said that she worked in tanning salons and book stores before she started her adult film career. She is well-known for being in movies like The Innocence Of Youth 2 and Let Me Swallow.
Kortney Kane grabbed the number one spot and rightfully so. She’s stunning! Kane was born in 1986 and is from North Carolina. Her previous job was a bartender at a strip club. At the start of her career, she appeared in countless explicit hardcore movies back in 2010. She is now a hit sensation for Brazzers!


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