Emilia Clarke's Body Double From 'Game Of Thrones' Is Actually Much Hotter

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Daenery from Game of Thrones' is a favorite amongst fans who enjoy blondes that own dragons and sport their birthday suit every once in a while, but did you know that actress Emilia Clarke has a double that needs every bit of your attention as well? It's no surprise most male fans of the show dig Emilia Clarke because of her not-so-shabby looks which makes it extremely insane that Clarke has a double that is somehow actually more attractive than Clarke herself.
The double in question is 18-year-old Rosie Mac, who much like Clarke, is also a brunette in real life. And just like any young female, she loves to share photos on her instagram, which we've provided a few examples below.

Here's one of Mac having fun on the Game of Thrones set.
A nice selfie she posted.
Here's a nice modeling shot. Is it getting hot in here?
Here's a nice...oh dear Lord.
It's unclear to what extent Mac serves in her role as Clarke's double, whether that means she's only there to be in position while the crew lights, or she serves as the back of Daenery's head in some scenes, or even if the scene calls for nudity, Mac is there to provide. Right now we're just not sure, but that's probably because we have more important things to check out like the rest of her Instagram account. Good times.



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